Video: Lakers Fan Shaun Cass Say His Jaw Was Broken Rowdy Warriors Fans

Fans have gotten a bit out of control.  We already have the incident with the Giants fan that is still in the hosiptal because of a brutal attack.  Grant Hill had to be restrained after a fan spit at him during a recent game.

Now we have the story of Shaun Cass who says while attending a recent game between the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors his jaw was broken and has the X-Rays to prove it.

KTVU in Oakland has the details:

Another case of fan violence has surfaced, but this time the incident happened in the Bay Area after a local Laker fan had his jaw broken after reportedly getting punched by a Warrior fan at Oracle Arena.

“I don’t remember getting hit,” said Cass. “All I remember is stumbling a little bit and the guy was running away.”Cass said Wednesday night’s sucker punch left him with a broken jaw and he has the x-rays to prove it.”It’s a fracture of almost all the way through my jawbone,” said Cass. “Looks like it’s about a half an inch.”

The Lakers’ fans said after the game, the trio of men ambushed them outside.”He got in front of me and we were about to fight,” remembered Shaun Cass. “And his buddy came out of nowhere and cracked me right in my jaw and fractured me about right there.”Shaun’s father Barry said arena security did nothing to intervene.”My friend was with a security guard and he said. I’m not going to get into this,” said Barry.

According to the Warriors staff this is the first time they have heard about the incident and since Cass didn’t file a complaint they have no comment.

Fan is short for Fanatic, but it appears lately some fans are taking the definition too literally.

If you are to believe Cass’ story, the case really should be pursued by police.  You can’t have fans punching people in the jaw just because they are wearing a Kobe jersey and shame on the Warriors security people if they didn’t intervene.

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  • If anyone witnessed this cowardly sucker punch… Please call

    Oakland Police Sgt. Pete Espinoza at 510-777-8525.

    He is in charge of OPD's Oracle Security unit.

    We have pretty good descriptions of these cowrads… But we need more help…

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