Video: Lakers Fan Tries to Attack Mavs’ Bench..Bum Rushed By Ushers

The only thing I can think of is that Dirk Nowitzki owed the fan some money for some German suits?

As you can see from the video the fan either had bad intentions or was is very good at acting like he had bad intentions.  Either way before he could get beat up by the Mavericks’ bench, the Lakers Ushers decided to handle the situation.

The main Red Jacket holds him up and then the rest of the Red Jacket crew comes to clean up the situation.

It was like a Three Stooges segment.

Here is the crazy part though. The fan many assumed was a man, was actually a half naked female.

The word it the young lady didn’t have on any bottoms. I would expect this in Denver when the Lakers play, not in LA.

The Lakers beat down the Mavericks in a game that was marred by a lot of ejections and chest thumping. It also solidified Matt Barnes as Sammy the Bull to Kobe Bryant John Gotti. Every team needs a designated goon and while Ron Artest is the straight intimidator, but lets be honest he is crazy. Barnes straight basketball goon, all teams need one of his types.

I can’t wait for TMZ to get the quote from the fan.  I am sure Gloria Allred will be representing the naked woman by Monday saying the Lakers’ Ushers sexually harassed her.

7 thoughts on “Video: Lakers Fan Tries to Attack Mavs’ Bench..Bum Rushed By Ushers

  • The Jason Terry Face has returned!

  • First and Foremost, I have to say that pint-sized Terry wouldn't dare approach Bynum or Odom like he did to Blake. (Unless he wants to be Beasley #2). Secondly, I'm proud of Barnes for stepping in for Steve, it shows team unity and another level of intensity in their game. This was clearly a shoving match, no fists were thrown. Matt was already walking back to his bench when the Mavs coach bear hugged him…that was a stupid move right there. Accomplishes what exactly? Nothing. I would be very surprised if suspensions were issued.

    The Shannon Brown ejection was beyond ridiculous! I would've done the same damn thing if I was watching my team taking hits from aggravated neanderthals.

    This Mavs team was clearly frustrated because they could see their chances at a ring going down the drain with the Lakers playing with a new fire and intensity. (Not that they had a REAL chance at winning anyway).

    • CORRECT!

    • Matt Barnes is a pseudo-gangsta!

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