Video: Magic Quentin Richardson Mushes Bobcats Gerald Henderson in the Face


I haven’t seen a good mushing in a very long time.

If you are Gerald Henderson and you know the Bobcats are out of the playoff race, you can’t let a man mush you in the face without return fire.  His cornbread has been officially taken and to be honest he looked a little shook.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Richardson knows the Magic can’t improve their #4 seed so he decided to go Jonh Cena on Henderson.

That could also be the reasons the refs were quick to give Dwight Howard a technical even though they had to know it would lead to a suspension if upheld.

The Magic is an intriguing team going into the playoffs, no one really sees them as a contender, but won’t go as far as ruling them completely out of making the Finals.

If they get hot, they could make a run, but this new mix of players makes them a long shot.


  1. Gerald Henderson is soft as hell. That's probably why Quentin Richardon did it. Maybe he doesn't want to pay a fine. I don't know. I have seen him get tried before this season.

  2. Gerald Henderson isn't a punk, he's not dumb enough to get into kid antics with a bum who's only acomplishment was that he dated Brandy back in the day. If you're into worrying about "street cred" I guess that BS will impress you.

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