Video: Man Tasered & Beat With Billy Club By Police at Pirates Game

I am not sure what the man was doing to be escorted out of the stadium and he clearly pushed another fan, but I don’t think beating an unarmed man over the head with a billy club repeatedly when he made no aggressive moves toward is a bit excessive and unnecessary.

Throw in the fact that they tased him after they beat him up doesn’t really help matters.

Looks like an open and shut case of police brutality to me.  They are lucky the guy looked like the actor from The Shield and not a brother or Al Sharpton would have already been in Pittsburgh with the NAACP in tow.

Hopefully these officers are reprimanded for their actions, because their job is to keep the peace not to incite violence.

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

8 thoughts on “Video: Man Tasered & Beat With Billy Club By Police at Pirates Game

  • I've been looking for a video of this since it happened! I was there – like 10 feet away from this when it went down. Here's what I saw: The guy was clearly drunk and cursed out a security guard for blocking his view. The guard then called the cops over, who then asked the guy to leave his seat. When the guy refused, the cops presented the taser as an ultimatum. The guy got up and made his way down the stairs, cursing the whole way. When he saw the security guard that he cursed out earlier, he forearmed him in the chest and said "F**k you, man!" The cops immediately shot the taser gun into his back, BUT (here's the catch) the darts didn't go completely through his windbreaker, so he didn't feel it. I don't think the cops knew this, and they began beating him with the clubs for being non-compliant. Everything else was police brutality from then on. They didn't need to taser him again when he was being handcuffed, much less in the NECK.

  • It was crazy, but thanks for clarification

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