Video of Gloria James Beating Up High School Kid Up For Sale

It is funny that Deadspin brought this guy to light, because I received a similar email, asking if I would be willing to pay for a video of Gloria James attacking a kid on the basketball court while Lebron was in High School.

We have never paid for a story on BSO, basically because I have no money and when I do have $10 available I rather spend it on Popeyes chicken than grainy high school footage.

But you want to know what is funny?

Several sites and readers have mistakenly assumed the author is me.  Why do they think that?  Check out the letter.

my name is robert and i am in the columbus ohio area…ive been actively trying
to get some bites on a video i have..that i promise will go viral….pretend
that u saw the video that i am going to describe…and pretend to make an offer
for it….i have a video of a labron james in high school…..labron gets
stuffed by his opponent…..labrons mom comes out of the stands and
attacks the
kid… is very funny and disturbing at the same time… is the perfect
time to release this videeo with labrons mom getting arrested and the playoffs
are coming….so r u interested…like ive said ive contacting other
entertainment sites……just thought id see if u were interested



I don’t know how seriously you can be taken when you spell Lebron, “LaBron”, but I digress.

Most people know that I went to The Ohio State University at the same time Lebron was in high school. Then the smoking gun is the guy name “Robert” and believe it or not my name is Robert.

Of course this isn’t me, as I assume there are thousands of guys named Robert in the Columbus area and plus if I am going to peddle anything it will be my sex tape with Scarlett Johansson.

I am sure this video of Gloria James will surface soon. My guess is World Star Hip Hop will pay for, they seem to like this type of foolishness.

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