Video of Gloria James Storming HS Court Surfaces Along With Booking Footage


Earlier today we told you the story of “Robert” who claimed he had a video of Lebron’s Mom Gloria James beating down a kid in high school after he bullied Lebron on the court.

Unfortunately for “Robert” a news organization has the footage and has already released it (thanks to Deadspin for tracking it down), meaning that “Robert” will not be getting paid unless he has another video.  He also exgeerrated a bit, while Gloria James did storm the court she doesn’t get anywhere the kid that mugged Lebron.

You know what is interesting to me, is the kid who obviously had some issues with Lebron simply assaults him on the court and Lebron depending on how you look at it, kept his cool or was scared, something for you to ponder while you watch the booking footage of Gloria James below.

Videos courtesy of Fox 8


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