Alexa Flutie, Doug Flutie’s Daughter is Now New England Patriots Cheerleader


Alexa is also a former Miss Massachusetts and I mean this in the nicest way when I say there must not be a lot to choose from in Massachusetts.

She has some crazy looking eyes.

I didn’t even know the Patriots had cheerleaders.

At least we know Tom Brady can give her tips on her hair.


  1. Nah, being from the Mass area. How can I say this nicely…its not her booty, she’s not a cutie, its bcuz she’s a Flutie.

    • Right? You must have tried out and not made it! Flutie or not she has what it takes to be a cheerleader. Looks certainly didn’t hurt her trying out. I don’t see your picture up there. Whats wrong, you try out and not make it?

  2. Yes there maybe women out there who you consider to be better looking, but I wouldn’t say no. She ain’t all that bad. She certainally didn’t do anything to deserve your comment that was in “the nicest way” implying that she was not attractive.