Andray Blatche Hosts “Lapdance Tuesday”

Andray Blatche, forward for the Washington Wizards knows how to spend his off season. With the Wizards not coming close to being in the post season Andray has decided to become the host of “Lapdance Tuesday” in Miami.

In 2007 after being in the league for a couple of years Andray was charged with sexual solicitation for attempting to solicit sex from an undercover police officer, so it’s nice to see that during this off season he is participating in some legal adult entertainment.

It just so happens that his last edition of “Lapdance Tuesday” fell on the same day as Game 2 of the Miami/Boston series. So while the Miami Heat were busy making the Boston Celtics look old “Lapdance Tuesday” was commencing around the corner. I guess that explains all the empty seats in the America Airlines Arena Tuesday night.

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