Brandon Marshall Not Talking To Authorities About Stabbing Incident

The investigation into the stabbing incident that took place between Brandon Marshall and his wife, Michi, continues. But the Broward State Attorney’s office is having a tough time completing its inquiry because Marshall reportedly isn’t saying much.

Jeff Darlington, who covers the Dolphins for the Miami Herald, tweeted that he was contacted by the State Attorney’s office to provide a statement.

“The investigation into the circumstances of the April 22 stabbing incident…continues. Despite numerous efforts, we so far have been unable to get Marshall to agree to voluntarily speak to our office. We continue to diligently pursue this matter.”

It’s likely that Marshall feels that if he stays silent long enough that authorities will drop the charges and the issue will go away. But according to Florida law, he could be compelled to make a statement. Statute 90.504 (3B) states there is no husband-wife privilege “in a criminal proceeding in which one spouse is charged with a crime committed at any time against the person or property of the other spouse, or the person or property of a child of either.” There’s no doubt that Mrs. Marshall’s been charged with a crime against her spouse, but it’s unknown whether Broward authorities will force the issue.

Meanwhile in football related news, Darlington says that Marshall has healed and should be available to join Miami’s player-organized workouts in the near future.

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