Brian Urlacher Still Salty About Players Who Think Jay Cutler Isn’t Tough

Is Urlacher from Cleveland?

He needs to let it go, it happened, everyone had their say and now it is over.  Fans are more concerned, there will be a season for Jay Cutler to quit on than what happened in the NFC Championship game.

But Urlacher is still chirping about the situation.

“It was stupid. Then all the guys that were trying to get attention, it was just dumb to me,” Urlacher told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday.

“If Jay could have been in there, he would have been. That’s all I know. He’s not a little [expletive.]  He’s a tough dude. He played hurt, and anyone who watches our games knows how tough he is.”

“He missed two games,” Urlacher said of Jones-Drew. “I don’t know what was wrong with his knee, but don’t sit on the couch and talk about someone who is playing.”

Urlacher, I assume doesn’t know that MJD injured his knee in the preseason and played 14 games as a running back on a knee that needed surgery in August, but I digress.

Whenever the NFL season starts, Jay Cutler has the opportunity to prove everyone who questioned how tough he is wrong, on the field.  He doesn’t need Urlacher to be his media bodyguard.