BSO Interview: Chad @OchoCinco Talks Lockout, Sex Tapes & Bengals

Chad OchoCinco was in my town of Saint Louis, Missouri for the Loose Cannon Celebrity Basketball Game.  In between eating McDonalds on the court, taking over interviews with local media & dropping a self proclaim 47 points (he might have been off by about 30 points) he took some time out to talk with BlackSportsOnline.

The Loose Cannon Basketball game also included Pooch Hall, Penny Hardaway, DJ Clue, Larry Hughes, Darius Miles, Lance Gross and a halftime performance by Lil Twist.

Loosecannon Entertainment hosted the game in an effort to support the Better Family Life Non-Violence Campaign.

The most interesting thing that other NFL players could learn from Ocho is regardless of what you think about him personally or his choice of off season ventures, he earns money year around.

Using twitter and other social media outlets he has turned himself into a brand and when you are dealing with a lockout where the checks may stop coming, being more than just a NFL Player comes in handy.

The backlash Ocho gets for doing relatively harmless things (the Bull Riding wasn’t exactly harmless, but you get what I am saying) has always been curious to me.  I have no problem with people being critical of what a player does on the field.  If you drop a pass, play poorly or have issues with teammates it is fair game.

Off the field if someone wants to play soccer, do reality shows and tweet about Red Bottoms that is their business.

Some would argue that the off field activities affects what happens on the field.  If that is true I would need specific examples of how OchoCinco hasn’t been prepared and/or focused when he has taken the field or practice.  If you have those examples then I could see a correlation, but no one has brought any of those examples to light.

Does Ocho have issues with his coach?  Has he had issues with the team not getting him the ball?  Has he had issues with the Bengals organization as a whole? Has he said some things to the media he wish he had back?

Of course, does that make him any different than a lot of players, not really.  Should he be lumped in with criminals offenders when they talk about “troubled players” in the NFL?

In the end the best thing for Ocho and the Bengals are to part ways, because if he is as bad as he is portray by the organization why are they keeping him?

Is it just so he can be a red herring like from a Pup Called Scooby Doo?

You tell me.

6 thoughts on “BSO Interview: Chad @OchoCinco Talks Lockout, Sex Tapes & Bengals

  • Isn’t Pooch Hall the same person as Derwin from “The Game”? You have him as two different people in the article. Not trying to be disrespectful, just an observation. Keep up the good work!

  • Pooch Hall is Derwin.

    • That is what i get from copying and pasting off press release

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