BSO’s Resident NBA Expert EXCLUSIVE – The Truth Behind Pau Gasol Drama

Ever since the Lakers were shockingly swept out of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks, people have been wondering what exactly happened to rattle this team so badly. It’s not often that you see a defending champion go out in such stunning fashion, and many believe that there had to be something going on in the locker room that was causing the Laker players to lose focus on their goal.

Laker center Andrew Bynum pretty much told us what we knew all along when he said the Lakers had “trust issues” after a Game 2 home loss saw Los Angeles heading to Dallas down 0-2.

The main target of the speculation was Lakers All-Star Pau Gasol, one of the premier bigs in the NBA who never did show up during these playoffs. Gasol’s numbers dipped dramatically amid speculation that he had a confrontation with an unnamed teammate who’s wife had broken up Gasol’s engagement to Silvia Lopez Castro.

Of course, any time you hear “Lakers” and “internal strife” the first person that comes to mind is Kobe Bryant. While he may be an assassin on the court, Kobe isn’t necessarily the most street smart player in the league, and has been known to break a “Man Law” on occasion. So naturally, many have assumed that Kobe told his wife Pau had a girl on the side and Vanessa Bryant caused the rift by telling Ms. Castro, thus leading to her breaking off their engagement and Pau playing softer than cotton candy.

If you are one who believes that story then congratulations you are wrong! Well, sort of.  After speaking to sources very close to multiple NBA locker rooms and specifically the Lakers locker room, here is the worldwide exclusive of what really happened, remember where you heard it first!

The Gasol-Castro relationship is definitely on the rocks as their engagement has been put off for now, and it definitely played into the surprising decline in numbers and confidence that we saw from Pau throughout the playoffs.

However, surprisingly it isn’t Kobe and Vanessa who are behind the rift, although they do have a part in it. In fact it is a bench player for the Lakers who may have cost the team a chance at a three-peat.

The word I’m getting is that Shannon Brown, yes the same Shannon Brown who is married R&B singer Monica, slept with Castro during the season, and the affair was discovered by Gasol towards the end of the regular season.

The confrontation we’ve been hearing about did indeed take place, but it was between Gasol and Brown, who nearly came to blows in the locker room and caused a rift that the Lakers were never able to recover from.

The word is that Mrs. Bryant and Ms. Castro engaged in a bit of a cat fight, that ultimately led to Castro saying that Vanessa sleeps around, and Mrs. Bryant basically announcing to anyone who would listen that Castro is really the one sleeping around, specifically with Brown.

That’s right Laker fans, the reason your team is home right now instead of heading towards a Finals series with Lebron and Co. could very well be Shannon Brown.

While many may believe this to be nothing more than gossip, remember where you heard it first when Brown is traded or let go during the off-season.

77 thoughts on “BSO’s Resident NBA Expert EXCLUSIVE – The Truth Behind Pau Gasol Drama

  • I knew it that freakin “SHANNON BROWN” I knew he was messy mofo. I hope they get rid of him and now dumbazz Monica is stuck with that a**hole.

    • You didn’t KNOW anything!Don’t get caught up in this Housewives of Laker nonsense. If you didn’t hear it with your ears, or see it with your eyes, you don’t KNOW it!

  • Yall are MESSY. It is going to be a story about EVERYONE on this team before its over. First it was Kobe and his wife, THEN it was Steve Blake’s wife that told, now its Shannon….I actually heard this on twitter (yes imagine a twitter rumor) 2 days ago and the guy who said it was like…JUST KIDDING. The point was to show how it could be anyone. Next we will hear that it is Luke Wilson. And actually Pau and his girl are STILL together.

    • Unnamed sources are unnamed for a reason, but I guarantee you neither Twitter nor Shannon Brown’s baby mama had anything to do with the article or my source. Not trying to put out stories about everyone on the Laker squad, this is the first one I’ve posted on the topic because of the info I was given.

      • I was a journalism major, so I know what unnamed sources mean. However, I you are reaching on this one. Newsflash: sometimes your sources have something to gain fabrications as well. SERIOUSLY doubt this at all. However, from the horses mouth, Pau said it had NOTHING to do with his girl and NOTHING with his teammates.

        • I agree, obviously there are people floating things out there for personal gain. But in this instance, that isn’t the case. And I seriously doubt Pau would publicly come out and say that it had something to do with teammates or his fiancee so he will say it didn’t no matter what the truth is.

          • This just does not pass the smell test at all…very “hearsay” reporting. Furthermore, it sounds like gossip on the school yard…even with your “sources.” Harps back to when people starting saying Kobe got served child support papers in Orlando this year.

      • When a lot of this was “supposed” to be going on Pau’s girl was traveling…and not in LA, more so out of the country at times.

        • There are no specific dates cited so I don’t know how you came to that conclusion. It happened during the regular season and was discovered towards the end of the season right before the playoffs.

          • I’d have to call bullshit on this whole article. Also, I don’t expect anyone with journalistic credibility to be defending the article in the comments section. If you wrote it, stick by it. Defending yourself here seems to speak more to the BS of the whole thing. I’m not saying people didn’t tell you this…I’m just saying they fed you a story.

  • Also, are you sure its not his baby mama starting rumors. She is QUEEN on “calling bloggers” with this stuff and/or planting it like it is a true story.

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