BSO’s Resident NBA Expert: Shannon Brown/Pau Gasol Update

Since breaking word of a possible Shannon Brown-Pau Gasol rift due to Brown sleeping with Gasol’s fiancée, many things have happened. The article itself has blown up across the nation, receiving attention all across the blogosphere and mainstream media.

On Saturday night, Brown took to Twitter to deny allegations that he had an affair with Silvia Lopez Castro.

Since that Tweet, many have demanded I retract my article and admit that I was wrong.

However, I still stand by my sources and believe them to be true in regards to this story. I don’t believe a tweet is enough of a reason to say I was wrong, and like many others, actually believe the tweet only fuels the fire that is legitimizing the article.

As someone who writes mostly in-depth analysis of the NBA, this was the first time I delved into the “gossip” side of sports. There is a fine line between reporting information you were given by a reliable source, and creating a story to get some hits online.

My article was written after being presented information from some very credible sources, and after much careful consideration, I decided to take it to the web.

As expected, there was an overwhelming response to it, some negative and some positive. To those who have met the article with praise, I thank you for your support. For those who have met the article with negativity, including personal attacks and assumptions, I thank you for taking time to read and react.

I did not post any prior articles about the Pau Gasol situation, as many of the comments on the last article would lead you to believe. I did not blame Kobe and his wife first, then Steve Blake’s wife and now Shannon. This is the first and last article I will be posting on the topic, and once again, it was posted after receiving credible information.

As with all rumors, it is up to you to decide if you believe it or not. Either way, I thank you for taking time to read my posts.

11 thoughts on “BSO’s Resident NBA Expert: Shannon Brown/Pau Gasol Update

  • Belal, Who knows if it;s true, but something “MESSY” is/was going on in the Lakers locker room, The truth will come out don’t feel bad, I look forward to reading more of your post.

    • i think you are just trying to make a big thing out of nothing. i hope you get sued for what your doing

  • All the denying leads me to believe your correct in your analysis. I’ve been reading/following this site for awhile now and have NEVER known the site to post frivilous material. That being said >I guess Monica’s got a real “the boy is mine” dilemma on her hands.

    Pretty girl that always seems to choose the wrong guys….SMH

  • I do not believe someone defending himself as “furthering” the rumor at all. As you said, you never wanted to be “gossipy” however ALL these stories from the beginning regarding why the Lakers did not play well, including your own just continued in that vain.

    Since the beginning the people supposedly “involved” in the rumor have all put out statements stating it was untrue. At the end of the day I don’t and I do not thing any smart person “hates you” However, while you still stand by your “credible information” I hope you are not naive enough to believe that although YOU might trust your source their information, although advertised as truth, is not necessarily credible. As someone who has a close family friend who plays NFL and friends who work in the NFL, I know that “insiders” in the locker room make up stories and sell them as truth for personal gain or enjoyment of seeing other people upset etc all the time. In this case, the Lakers losing and people “looking for answers” just made it the ripe time for people to spread rumors.

  • Serious question:

    I am reading on more than 3 blogs now that Andrew Bynum is the one who cheated with Gasol’s girl. On good authority these individuals these individuals say that it was Bynum and Shannon has nothing to do with it.

  • First of all…I am not necessarily a Laker fan and/or Shannon Brown fan so I am reading the information from an unbiased standpoint. I am sorry but by saying someone made a statement to defend themselves and those involved some how legitimizes the story makes no sense. So did Kobe and Pau legitimize it when they made their statements (and Pau made the statement more than once)? While some might agree with you, others see it a completely diff way. When someone’s name and rep is being slandered and their families being disrespected online directly from gossip hungry people etc they are going to say something, esp when he or she knows it is not true.

    ALSO, CBS articles, Laker reporting staff and countless others have all called BS to this story and the whole thing from the beginning.

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