Cam Newton “We Had Success at Auburn Without Lengthy Plays”

Cam Newton came on ESPN Mike and Mike in the Morning and as you can imagined after months of being scrutinized he was puffy his chest out a bit and slightly annoyed about some of the criticisms he received.

Here is a few things that he had to say courtesy of Pro Football Talk.

“You can’t fault me for not having a lengthy play at Auburn,” Newton said. “There was a lot of success we had at Auburn without any lengthy plays.”

“A lot of people look at my game and say, ‘He likes to run.’ Well, obviously, I want to move the football,” Newton said. “I go through my whole progression. It’s not that I sit back there and get anxious and I run.”

Newton said he met with the Panthers’ coaches “extremely briefly” but that because of the lockout “we had to cut our meeting off short.”

And Newton said that not only did he get a playbook, but, “I’m looking at it right now as we speak.”

If he uses his annoyance as motivation he will be fine, if he uses it as blinders to the reality of his play at Auburn then he will fail.  It is pretty easy to read through your progressions when you only have two and then you can take off.

It is easy to run in college when you are bigger and faster than all of your opponents.

It is easy to think freely on the field when the verbiage and plays are not very complex.

At this point it doesn’t matter what Mike and Mike, You, Me, Mel Kiper’s Hair or Chris Bosh at the mic thinks about his ability to play football.

Only Cam has the ability to prove his critics wrong or right.