Carlos Boozer Says Heat Only Have Two Great Players

Since Oprah is moving the start of the Eastern Conference Finals up to Sunday, it doesn’t leave as much time for the teams to engage in trash talk. Thankfully, Carlos Boozer got started right away.

Sun-Sentinel reporter Shandel Richardson tweeted a comment from the Bulls forward about their next playoff opponent.

Carlos Boozer says the Heat have two great players. Hmm, which member of the Big 3 did he leave out?

I think we all know who the missing man is. Just another day in the oft-slandered life of Chris Bosh.

Although lest we forget, Boozer hasn’t exactly been an MVP so far in these playoffs himself. Sure, he stepped up in Game Six with 23 and 10. But before that he was being outplayed by Taj Gibson and struggled so much that he had former Bulls’ greats calling for him to be benched.

Hey kettle? This is the pot…

This is going to put even more scrutiny on a matchup that most of Twitter was probably going to ridicule for the length of the series. It’s pretty likely that Boozer and Bosh will spend a fair amount of time guarding each other, giving us all a chance to figure out which one of these big men is the smallest.

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  • Well, Boozer is speaking the truth. Jmaes and Wade are more than likely to become Hall of Famers. Plus he is not the only person saying this, check the media outlets.

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