Charlie Bell Should Have Taken Some Of His Own Love Advice

In case you hadn’t noticed, pro athlete wives have gotten a little stabby recently. First Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall found himself on the business end of his wife’s blade. Then it was Golden State Warriors guard Charlie Bell who found himself (allegedly) shanked by his bride, Kenya, with a box cutter.

What makes Bell’s case so intriguing is that he currently doubles as the self-proclaimed “Truth Doctor” in a series of videos posted on his website. In a recent episode, Bell hips the uninitiated as to what “The Thirst” is and announces that it’s not okay to be thirsty if you’re ugly. (Although I’d counter by saying that the unattractive are generally the thirstiest, with good reason.)

But the most ironic part of the video is the t-shirt that Bell wears – a picture of a bride with an unhappy groom and a caption beneath that says “Game Over”. Whether it’s actually game over for the Bells’ marriage after this incident remains to be seen, but there’s little doubt that this is a game changer.

(H/T to Kate Shapiro at Deadspin)

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