Charlie Bell’s Wife Kenya Releases Statement On Domestic Violence Charges

Kenya Bell, wife of NBA star Charlie Bell was released on Monday after being arraigned on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence. The charges originated from Kenya allegedly assaulting her husband Charlie with a box cutter. Today Kenya released this statement through her lawyers:

“It is with regret that I have to issue a public statement regarding my marriage. For some time now my husband and I have been going through the process of getting a divorce. Like many couples, our relationship has deteriorated over time. Throughout this process I have always considered the interests of our children to be front and center. Unfortunately this private matter has spilled from one court to another, where I expect to be vindicated. For my family’s sake I would ask that our privacy be respected. Thank you, Kenya Bell.”

I just wonder what happens that it gets to the point that physical violence becomes the answer, especially in a situation where you are already headed towards a divorce.  Not too long ago Brandon Marshall’s wife was also charged with stabbing him. What’s really going on? Hopefully these personal matters that these athletes are having with their spouses get under control before assault turns into murder.  At this rate it’s only a matter of time before a network such as VH1 or E! has a new reality show entitled “I stabbed my athlete husband.”

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