Dennis Rodman To Have Jersey Retired at Strip Club With Charlie Sheen

I am sure The Worm has Made it Rain more than a few times in his life. Pacman Jones would seem like Tim Tebow in comparison to Rodman’s exploits at the Strip Club.

Rodman’s 50th birthday is coming up and of course he is celebrating with some ladies on the pole. He will possibly have a special guest as well.

Class act Dennis Rodman plans to retire his number 10 jersey tomorrow night at jiggle joint Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, where he is hosting his 50th-birthday party. Strippers will don Detroit Pistons jerseys before they sashay onto the floor, we are told. Outrageous NBA star Rodman wants his jersey to hang at the strip club permanently, as a nod to the two big loves of his life — basketball and women. According to Rodman’s rep, Jules Feiler, Charlie Sheen has told the tattooed player he might join him at the bash.

Can’t have a stripper birthday party without Charlie Sheen right?

Maybe Allen Iverson can stop by as well.

3 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman To Have Jersey Retired at Strip Club With Charlie Sheen

  • playboys…playboys…playboys…i havent seen him in a minute the last time i had seen or heard of him is when carmen electra little pintsize midgetness kicked his big hinny in vegas was it…but there were pics of her showing what she says was tappings or bitemarks or whatever. lol denny was okay until he started licking his hands and then wanted to touch the other players ewww…i seen him do that to alonzo morning and he was to threw! lol………….denny fights dirty lol

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