Gabrielle Union Delivers Ether to Joakim Noah’s “Hollywood” Heat Quote

You have to like a lady who stands by her man.

Gabby Union didn’t take too kindly to Joakim Noah calling the Heat “Hollywood”, so she took to twitter and in one tweet shut him down.

Here is the full quote from Noah.

“You gotta give Miami credit. They’re Hollywood as hell, but they’re a very good team.”

He was giving the Heat a backhanded compliment, but the fact of the matter is the better team won. Doesn’t matter if they are the South Beach NWO, Lebron’s Hairline was born in 1943, Wade pulls out the Wheelchair & Chris Bosh is in the sequel for Avatar 2.

When it came down to plays on the court, they put in work and that is all you want from any team regardless of their off the court activities.

Noah probably wishes he had a few of those “Hollywood” stars on his team, if he did, he wouldn’t be getting ready for his off-season of smoking on a bong.



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37 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union Delivers Ether to Joakim Noah’s “Hollywood” Heat Quote

  • Too bad she was passed around ‘hollywood’ like Salli Richardson….some hoes should stay in their place…..A man’s pocket!

    • no lie

    • Hey, but hoes gotsta eat too, get yo hoe cakes, everybody love hoe cakes! For real, little Salli in the alley? She’s fine though…

  • The Heat are in the finals so their bball wives, girlfriends, groupies, mistresses, jump offs, ex wives, and wannabees are coming out of the woodwork.

    Also, Dallas vs Miami is about the battle of the strip clubs too!

  • First someone name Gabby’s last major film? Second she sounds stupid because players have to speak to the media after games. Where was Gabby when Joakim called the Heat Hollywood last summer?

    • oh you didn’t know? its now cool to like the heat and be a front-runner

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