George Washington Transgender Basketball Player Kye Allums Quits Team

If you recall BSO brought you this story a few months back (Kye Allums Becomes First Openly Transgender Player College Basketball).

At the time I wonder how it would work out once she/he released the information. It appears the pressure is too much as Allums has quit the George Washington Basketball team.

Transgender basketball player Kye Allums will no longer play for the George Washington women’s team.

The university says in a statement that Allums “has decided that it is in his best interest to no longer participate in intercollegiate athletics.”

Allums made international headlines when he announced in November that he preferred to known as a man. He said he was putting off hormone treatments and gender-changing surgery so that he could continue to play for the women’s team.

Allums had an awful year last season.  Only played in eight games and suffered a couple of concussions.  Now he/she can have the surgery and possibly play for a man’s team at some point.

9 thoughts on “George Washington Transgender Basketball Player Kye Allums Quits Team

  • Im confused

  • Born a woman. Wants to be a man. Still played for the women’s team. Only declared her intentions of switching genders at this point. Now that she no longer plays for the team I guess she’s going to go thru with the transition to a man. HTH

  • Please remove the he/she reference in your post. If he prefers to be called “he” – why not use that? Or are you trying to be funny/insulting? Because while some laugh at that appellation, it is seen as degrading and mean.

    • She isn’t a he until some surgery is done. I am being generous with he/she.

      I want to be called President are you going to automatically do it or are you going to wait until I take office

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