Is Manny Pacquiao Slowing Down & Will He Fight a “Real” Opponent Next?

The truth of the matter is Manny Pacquiao should have never faced Shane Mosley.

Mosley was there to collect a check and Pacquiao beat another guy who posed no threat to him.  It is hard to tell if Pacquiao is slowing down a bit or it was just a product of Mosley being that bad, but either way, the time has come for Pacquiao to stepped up the competition.

It doesn’t appear at this moment that Floyd Mayweaather is interesting in fighting, so no need to even talk about that.

The three names being mentioned for Pacquiao are Juan Manuel Marquez, Timothy Bradley or Zab Judah.  Most would prefer that Pacquiao fights Marquez mainly because JMM has been the only fighter to give Pacquiao problems over the years.  They fought to a draw in their first fight and Pacquiao won a disputed decision in their second fight.

Many people think JMM won both bouts.

One thing to consider though, were those fights were fought at lower weight classes (featherweight and Super featherweight).  This fight if it happens would be at Welterweight, when JMM fought Floyd Mayweather at Welterweight it was a mismatch.  Pacquiao has carried his power (he actually seems more powerful now) as he has gone up in weight.

Does Marquez have a better shot than some of Pacquiao’s other opponents?  Maybe, but he 37 years old fighting at an uncomfortable weight against an opponent who is much better than when they last fought.

If it is Zab Judah it just follows the pattern of Pacquiao fighting former Mayweather opponents.  While I like Zab’s skills, his chin isn’t the best and he has always come up short in the biggest moments.

Timothy Bradley is the best opponent for Pacquiao.  He is young and in his prime.  He isn’t on the level of Pacquiao, but he won’t  just be walking into the ring to collect a check.

At some point Pacquiao will have to fight someone who wants to win and not just survive, over the hill or damaged.

Not to take anything away from Pacquiao’s accomplishments but the list of opponents since he became a household name is telling.

Oscar De La Hoya= Past his prime, had to cut way too much weight to get down to Welterweight.  Former Mayweather opponent who was beaten at Super Welterweight.

Ricky Hatton= Had been exposed by Mayweather as being overrated.

Miguel Cotto= Mentally destroyed by Antonio Margarito.

Joshua Clottey= Had just lost to Cotto, was only there to collect a check and not get Knocked Out.

Antonio Margarito = Confirmed cheater, only could get license in one state & was destroyed by Shane Mosley.

Shane Mosley = Embarrassed by Mayweather, put audience to sleep in fight with Mora, over the hill and just looking for check.

Not exactly a murderous row.  Pacquiao is the pound for pound best, but part of being the best is fighting the best competition, I don’t fault him because Mayweather rather fight with Top Flight Security of the World, but I do fault him and Top Rank for not putting him in with the next best boxers available.

They have used up all of their good will in my opinion, either start matching Pacquiao with legit opponents or watch his reputation and legacy start to tarnish.

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  • I think he’s way oveerated. And prolly a ‘doper’, too. He soundslike Roger Clemans with as he gets older he gets faster quicker & stronger while adding weight…jus saying

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