Jason Kidd’s Quest for a Ring Goes Unnoticed in Dirk’s Shadow


When reeling off the all time point guard list, it’s inconceivable that too many names will be said before that of Jason Frederick Kidd.

This season marks the 19th year since Kidd entered the league and it wouldn’t be farfetched to say he could play two to three more years.  Nevertheless, this is the year that offers the best and what might be the last shot at the championship ring that has eluded Kidd for his career.

With the pending labor dispute on the horizon, there’s a very serious chance that this will be the 38 year old Kidd’s last stand.  Despite being the oldest and most accomplished player on the Dallas Mavericks, it is Dirk Nowitzki who the media has sympathized with in need of a championship.

In a point guard dominated league, Kidd has managed to stay relevant and productive despite being the eldest of the bunch.  Showing that there’s still tread on left on the tires, Kidd has retooled his game becoming an effective three point shooter and even managing to record two of his 107 career triple doubles this year.  And despite being over-matched in speed and in most cases having a decade of seniority on them, Kidd has held up to the unenviable task of defending the Roses, Pauls, Williams, and Westbrooks of the league.

There have been countless arguments over where Kidd’s teammate Nowitzki ranks all-time in part to his superior performances this postseason.  Taking nothing away from the career of Dirk, but first the argument needs to be made where he ranks all-time on his own team.

Whether you want the Mavericks to win to certify Dirk’s legacy, redemption for the 2006 finals, or simply because you’re a fan…don’t forget the Kidd in those championship wishes.


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