Joe Budden, Esther Baxter & NFL Player Derrick Ward Love Triangle Exposed


Unlike most people in the media I have no problem telling people when I don’t like someone.  I am not fond of Joe Budden.  Talented rapper, but more well known for his video vixens. There is also some other stuff that can’t be posted, but lets just say he isn’t what he proclaims to be.

In the latest bit of drama, Budden is salty that Esther Baxter was cheating with Derrick Ward while he she was pregnant.

Joe Budden went to crying on twitter, then to the radio and made a song about it.

He sounds like such a simp.  I respect the fact that he is able to pull some very nice young looking young ladies, but he sounds all heartbroken.

But he needs to understand that when you are dealing with the type of women he is dealing with they are always looking to upgrade. The fact that she cheated on him with a 13th string running back, is really all he needs to know about what she really thought about him.

Budden treats these women (using the term lightly) like princesses, when in reality they are “corner” women.

Smarten Up Joe.

But maybe Budden is smarter than I give him credit for and this is the “twist” as they say, because honestly without drama, no one cares about Joe Budden, so this is probably part of his masterplan.

Either that or he just pathetic.



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