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Kobe Bryant Broke a Man Law & Told Vanessa About Gasol’s Cheating Ways?

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
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Kobe Bryant is an exceptional basketball player, one of the Top 10 players of all time.  On the court he is one of the smartest, dedicated and prepared player of all time.

His will to be the best and win is obsessive, borderline psychotic.

Unfortunately off the court his “streets smarts” are the exact opposite by comparison.

Bryant has had squabbles with everyone since he came into the league and while all of those disagreements weren’t all his fault, plenty of blame lies at his feet.

I know there are some players in the NBA who will never forgive Bryant for snitching on Shaq to the Colorado PD during his rape investigation, in essence saying Shaq makes those type of problems “go away” and cheats on a regular basis.

The latest man law violations that has been floating around is that Bryant told his wife Vanessa Bryant who seems to be a lot more savvy in “thug life” than him that Pau Gasol was cheating and cheating often.

Mrs. Bryant then in turn told Pau’s girlfriend Silvia Lopez Castro.  Castro then dropped Pau who confronted Kobe.  From that point on Pau when into a funk and Lakers got swept.

Here is what Pau had to say:

“I have to learn from this,” Gasol said. ”I have to learn that when something happens off the court, you have to keep it off the court.”

Obviously something is going on and we will never know the entire truth, but here is something that you should know.  As a man you are suppose to be fiercely loyal to your friends.

It doesn’t matter if your married boy had a threesome with Esther Baxter and Candy Deep Throat, you keep that information to yourself.  You don’t tell your wife, your mom and anyone who doesn’t need to know that information.

The police is the obvious one, but if you know your wife likes to talk, she shouldn’t be told either.

There are some men who trust their wives or female friends with secrets, but if you are going to tell someone something like that you better be 100%, not 97, 98 or 99% that information won’t get leaked.

It is clear if true while Kobe maybe an Alpha Male in the court, he doesn’t run the fast break in his household.  Plus I find it hard to believe that if Pau is cheating that Kobe isn’t.

Pau should have thicker skin, this is something that he and Kobe should have been able to work out as men and keep it moving.  All the crying, whining and awful post play wasn’t necessary.

But as I have always told you, men in general get into trouble for the following things.

Women and Money

Normally they go hand and hand.  Doesn’t matter if it is 2011 or 1 BC, women will always be a man biggest Achilles heel.  Just ask Adam and I don’t mean Adam Morrison.


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  1. Jeez RT @BlkSportsOnline BSO Post: Kobe Bryant Broke a Man Law & Told Vanessa About Gasol’s Cheating Ways?

    • janet jenkins says:

      you know that sucks when Men cheat oh my God who told what you shouldn’t SAID anything about the cheat if you didn’t want it out Don’t pat yourself on the BACK lol
      Cheater always get caught.

  2. oh sah-nap-uh!! RT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO Post: Kobe Bryant Broke a Man Law & Told Vanessa About Gasol’s Cheating Ways?

  3. Leon X says:

    The second year in a row where we’re blaming a team’s playoff demise on bedroom antics?

  4. The second year in a row where we’re blaming a team’s playoff demise on bedroom antics?

  5. Black Mamba! RT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO Post: Kobe Bryant Broke a Man Law & Told Vanessa About Gasol’s Cheating Ways?

  6. A.C says:

    Kobe’s wife knew exactly what she was doing when she talked to Gasol’s girl. She is only trying to antagonize Kobe. Remember when she was flirting with Karl Malone and tried to get him and Kobe to go at it. lol. She is the nba’s Lady Macbeth.

  7. DAMEN LAMPKIN says:


    • Guest says:

      Remember how various television evangelist were trashing gays and calling prostitutes scum then it turned out some of the main ones were just as guilty behind closed doors of doing the same things. Seems people hate a hypocrite more than anything else. He should never trash a cheating man ever again in his life.

  8. CF98 says:

    So Rob if this was the case then why was she at the Mavericks game?

  9. Savannah says:

    okay really….man law, bro law, bro-code, what-not – how about instead of blaming Kobe or Vanessa, Pau just doesn’t cheat. Then he doesn’t have to worry about this type of after-math. If you are going to cheat or can not trust yourself not to do so, state it up front and don’t be in a monogamous relationship. Then you don’t have to be all butt-hurt about who told who your business ’cause there wouldn’t be any.
    oooo, Kobe broke a man-code; is that really what should be focused on here? stop being so myopic.

    • Solid point, but obvious one, so why even mention it.

    • Julia says:

      Agree 100% Savanna … and have been saying it all along! Nobody mentions that part on sports radio etc. though. It’s all about why Kobe told Vanessa and that he broke the code … Maybe Gasol should not get engaged and keep his options open. Don’t parade around with a fiancee, still do your thing on the side and then be surprised when Kobe’s wife tells her. I guess that’s the girls’ code. Why let the fiancee get married to a cheater (alledgedly).

      • Chris says:

        See, of all the comments made on this post. I’m not surprised that two women won’t get the bro code- cause your not bros. It’s a mans thing and you won’t understand it.

        Many men nowadays dont even get it, cause we live in a society now where women are raising men and the family house hold is so broken. Codes past on from man to boy arent there anymore.

        The point of the bro code is not condoning Paus actions. Kobe could think Pau is an ASS for cheating like that. Whatever it may be. I don’t know Paus life or situation so I can’t judge it. We don’t know what their relationship is like- but maybe he is 110 percent wrong- as a man you don’t snitch to your wife about these things.

        You leave the guy stuff amongst yourselves.. period. Just like the way Kobe was harping to the cops about messed up things Shaq was doing. That’s weak. A snitch ‘aint a man. She should have minded her own business herself. As men we dont get involved in one anothers personal business and dont get involved in whatever to do with another man’s life inside his home. Don’t mess with another mans family. You don’t flirt or date or mess with another mans woman/wife. You don’t try and hit up your bros ex unless you run it by and confirm they are over- even that is weak. Sometimes the feelings are never over. Other fish in the sea etc.

        These are simple codes of ethic and doesn’t need to be acknowledged by women, man-to-man thats what it is. I don’t expect women to understand. Nowadays I dont think some guys even understand it.

        • two x's says:

          Haha, that reply was beyond stupid. I feel dumber for having read through the whole thing, thank you for breaking down the idiocy of it all for those of us who actually have functioning brain cells.

        • disagree says:

          This is crazy!!! Man -code. Woman- code. Gasol should have been man enough to be a faithful fiancee. When he failed to, he should have been man enough to tell his fiancee himself. Brown should have been man enough to lay off Gasol’s girl. We’re talking about Kobe breakig a man code. Anyone and everyone man or woman should have the decency to tell the girl her fiance is cheating. That is human decency and Gasol himself should have. But if not, a real man would for her sake. MAN CODE> You guys are FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lown says:

    once a snitch always a snitch

  11. recluse says:

    good the lakers have finally fallen!!!!!! SPIDER MONKEY IS BACK!!!!!!!! its about time, that the rich and famous have finally exposed them selfs in pro sports. kobes wife needs to keep her mouth shut ,its the typical woman to get the attention off of her cheating husbandand onto someone else!!!! that bitch!!!!!! just get rid of kobe.its so obvious that phil jackson is trying to keep together a team that has fallen to the bottom of the barrell AS FOR KAREN AND TONY IN MARGERITA got nothing out of there team!!!HA HA!! you are losers now how does it feel to lose for once its just to bad, LOL!!!!! i,ve wasted enough time on those two. now back to mamas boy kobe; the poor little thing cant even play a fair game in real life off the court. now his wife gets involved in another persons life,TYPICAL FEMALE no im not a woman hater but i think that enough is enough!!!! cant she go one day as a good person, and not get involved, its interesting to see how he (kobe) cheats on his wife and she doesn’t divorce his ass. he’s nothing but a punk ass, i wonder how much money he paid to be a part of the franchise????? money is entitlement!! they have just proved to everybody that you can buy your way out of everything .lets take a vote to see if we can send the lakers to northwest dakota to get rid of them! thats right disposable heroes!!!!!!!!!!! until next time THE BROWN RECLUSE SAYS GOOD BYE!!!!!!!! hi karen and toni!!!!!!!! please no more repeats of those loser lakers purple and gold is now all black and red in the blender make sure you two ink in your lakers and pencil everything you you you you you you you. all that matters you dnot have a clue!!!!

  12. recluse says:


    • cynthia says:

      If thats not the woman you want to be faithful to be honest tell her, I will be seeing other women there not married. Obviously he has some reservations. keep your relationships honest tell the truth, women can deal with the truth at least give them the choice to say its ok or not and keep it moving. That was not Kobe’s wife Business obviously he can’t confide in his wife, Being a Basketbal wife or girlfriend is not easy. there must be a genuine conversation.

    • Guest says:

      He was found not guilty of the charges. I think the girl was a stalker fan who might have thought she had a chance at really being his girl and when he booted her out and probably treated her like a trash can she flipped the switch and cried rape. This is only my hypothesis but a good one I think!

  13. recluse says:

    my names kobe and i’m so stuuuuuuuuppiiiiiiiid. cry baby piece of s”t. guys like him need to be fired. but they can’t hurt a rich mans feelings .i’m entitled to perfect treatment even if im see k&t it goes to show if you want money than you hang with money .will surprise,surprise,you dont have what it takes to be with the big boys.until you have the income that i have than you will never get to where i’m at. so quit watching my games to cast a bad hex LOL!!!!spidey says good by.keep watching the rapist play and advocate the S.O.B punk they are losers period i now somebody that could use a ball team KADAHFY thats right.

  14. recluse says:

    we need to get kobe drug tested

  15. recluse says:

    maybe a pap smear to or a snail smudge.

  16. kobe be actin like a lilbtch sometimes. thats still my nigga though.. you aint gotta tell everybody everything —–>

  17. SMH RT @BlkSportsOnline BSO Post: Kobe Bryant Broke a Man Law & Told Vanessa About Gasol’s Cheating Ways?

  18. Damion says:

    the nerve on that camel to cheat on a hot chick.

  19. dfasfs says:

    Kobe did the ethical thing.

    Congratulations, I commend him for that.

    Any cheater needs to be brought out! Simple as that!

  20. Ron Paul continues to be an EXTREMELY fringe candidate and despite the fact that he has a few mildly beneficial rants on occasion, he will NEVER break through. In my opinion, he would probably make a far better conservative democrat.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Damn, we are missing the real Basketball wives for sho! I hear Vanessa Bryant would give us a top rated show and put all the other mean girls to shame!

  22. Anonymous says:

    There was a rumor about some women suing Kobe for Paternity in another country. He should shut up about any one else’s business for life and be thankful his wife did not leave him and take him to the cleaners after that little Colorado incident!

  23. Grace says:

    Who has forgotten the documentary on Kobe and him holding up his ring finger and saying all you ladies leave me alone because I’m taken and a married man! I turned to my friend and said that was so fake and remembered Shakespeare’s words “me thinks thou doth protest too much” as in when ever someone keeps denying something they might just be guilty. Sure enough it was not a yr. later when the news broke about the girl in his hotel room in Colorado.
    Kobe should avoid any talk of affairs, his or anyone else’s for the rest of his life! WE DON’T NEED TO HATE HIM FOR BEING SUCH A HYPOCRAP!

  24. Guest says:

    The above picture of Kobe is so funny. I laughed so hard till I almost peed my pants.

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  34. gjaioweajwo says:

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