Liza Morales, Lamar Odom’s Baby Mama, Blames D Wade For Not Getting Married

Just once I wish these ladies would just tell the truth.

Ms. Morales is jealous and upset Lamar left her and their kids to Keep up with the Kardashians and so she is seeking out for her 15 minutes of fame, by exploiting their relationship with a book deal and various appearances.

There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t insult my intelligence by telling people you are trying “help” and just get the message out about cheating athletes.  Athletes, men and women have been cheating since Adam got the apple. When those checks Lamar was getting were coming to her and not the Kardashian empire Miss Morales could care less about who he was breaking lamps with.

In this interview from NYC’s Breakfest Crew she repeats what every baby mama of an athlete have said since they started to speak.  Jocks and Stiletto Jill has the review.

  • Liza never brought up the subject of marriage until the birth of their third child. Lamar’s response was to wait until he retired because NBA marriages don’t work. He cited Shaq and Shaunie (the first time they filed for divorce) and Dwyane Wade and Siouvaughn as examples.
  • She touches on catching Lamar cheating while they were together. (one of the women she caught him with was Lara Manoukian )
  • A guy informed Liza that Lamar was cheating on her.
  • She said that Lamar wanted a reality show 2 to 3 years before he met Khloe. He even had camera crews follow him and his “artist” around at one point. She was happy for him when he finally got one.
  • He called her about her book, said he was happy for her and wanted to read it.
  • The lead character in the novel is a woman from Queens (like Liza) whose a mother (like Liza) and has been with her professional athlete mate since high school (like Liza) But it’s NOT a tell all.

It is a lifestyle being with an athlete or anyone with status. I always thought the one reason Vanessa Bryant never left Kobe because in the back of her mind even though many women wanted her to bounce, she didn’t want to give up being THE WIFE OF KOBE BRYANT, some things carry more weight than money.

For women like Liza who have children by athletes and were with them for a long period of time only to see them leave and wife someone that just met, that has to be toughm especially considering it turns them into just the baby mama in industry circles.

But just be up front, we know you want the spotlight, so don’t act like we are all in the dark.

9 thoughts on “Liza Morales, Lamar Odom’s Baby Mama, Blames D Wade For Not Getting Married

  • so what if she is cashing in a little bit. look what she is up against. his new wife’s family is responsible for her getting dragged into court by lamar. she will have a fight on her hands and needs to get ahead of it and make sure she’s not starving when she’s older. go for it liza. you are smart and care for your kids. don’t let them be turned into circus clowns on a reality show. she knew him since high school. she wasn’t chasing him after he became successful. she has some class unlike the legal wife.

  • It is truly very good post, but I do not see everything completely clear, especially for someone not involved in that topic. Anyway very interesting to me.

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