Magic Johnson Reading off Teleprompter When He Called Lakers “Classless”?


I think it is time for some people to accept the truth about a few things about Magic Johnson.

Magic was legendary player, he is an outstanding businessman and he has found the cure to HIV, but when it comes to player evaluation and on air analysis he simply is not that good.

He isn’t impartial, he plays favorites and everyone is great in his mind. I would think the track record of Michael Jordan as a GM would have let people know that just because you were a great player doesn’t mean you are equipped to analyze basketball or players.

Magic’s speech about the Lakers should have been from the heart, not something scripted which this obviously was according to Deadspin. Because it comes off as fake and ingenious.

Yes the Lakers were classless in their lost to the Mavericks and it shouldn’t take a teleprompter for Magic to convey his frustrations with that.

I’ll stick to TNT.


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