Manny Pacquiao Debuts Cologne “MP8: Scent of a Champion”

If you ever met Manny Pacquiao you know that he is one of the nicest and most polite athletes on the planet.  He is an impossible person not to like.

He sings ballads, always is smiling and rarely trash talks his opponents.

He is the opposite of what you think a boxer should be, but in the ring he is an assassin.  Interesting dynamic because you wouldn’t think a boxer who now has his own cologne, could inflict as much damage as he does, but that is what makes Manny, Manny.

Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao released a signature fragrance, MP8: Scent of a Champion, this past weekend at the Ron Robinson/Fred Segal store in Los Angeles.

The $55 cologne is described as “A top front punch of fresh bergamot, lemon, and citrus followed by combination punches of lavender, sage, vetiver, and a jab of nutmeg at the bottom.”

I won’t be rocking the “Scent of a Champion”, but I will be front row to see if Pacquiao can add Shane Mosley to his list of victims.

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