Memphis Grizzlies Sam Young’s Camaro Stolen Morning Before Playoff Game

It appears to me that Young forgot he lived in Memphis.

He had to because he left his car running when he got out of it when he went to the ATM and you know what happened next.

According to a Memphis Police report, Young’s Chevy Camaro was stolen while he visited a walk-up ATM at South Main and Peabody Place.  Witnesses saw a man with dreads drive away.

Police say the car thief might not have “scored” if Young had not left his car running.

Fortunately for Young, GM vehicles like his come equipped with the On-Star communications and security system.  Police used it to track Young’s Camaro to the 1400 block of Breedlove in North Memphis.  It was found unoccupied before being returned to the basketball star.

Lesson to be learned here is to always be aware of your surroundings.  This isn’t Beverly Hills this is Memphis, plus it isn’t like Sam Young is Z-Bo, the car thief probably didn’t recognize him.

On-Star is a beautiful thing, but for Young he needs to remember to use his brain it is a tool.