Michael Vick Wouldn’t Mind if Eagles Signed Plaxico Burress

FREE PLAX!!!!!!!!!!

Actually Plax will be free soon, unfortunately because of the Lockout, he can’t really do anything, but it is better than being in jail.  I am not sure if Plax will ever be the same player he was before he went to play The Longest Yard.

I was starting to see a decline in his skills even before they decided to make an example of him and lock him up for two years for shooting himself.

Michael Vick who knows a thing or two about making a comeback after being in the prison system, says he wouldn’t mind having Plaxico on the Eagles.

“I think with the guys we have now, I think we can fit him in and we can make it work,” Vick said Monday on WIP-AM. “Obviously the ultimate goal at the end of the day is to put that ring on your finger at the end of the year.

“I think certainly Plaxico is going to come out with a chip on his shoulder the same way I did, and he’ll go out and help this football team to whatever capacity he can,” added Vick, who’s from the same area of Virginia as Burress and knows his family and friends. “I think the guys would embrace him and bring him in. If that happens, who knows? We talking about ‘what ifs’ now? It would certainly be a good thing.

The Eagles are stacked at the wide receiver position, but they don’t have any big tall possession receivers, so it could be a good fit.  Honestly even though I feel Plax was railroaded, I don’t think his comeback will be as successful as Michael Vick was.

I hope I am wrong and I hope someone gives him a chance.

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