Music: Twista with Carlos Boozer Rapping & Mario Winans “Winning Streak”



There are several reasons why the Bulls lost Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Heat.  Many of them are very logical, but I am just going to go on record and say this was the real reason.

Carlos Boozer who has been parked on the Benched during crunch time while Taj Gibson has been doing work took some time out to record a song with Chicago Native Twista. It is considered The Bulls Anthem.

The results are what you would expect when an overrated power forward tries to rap.

Ironically the Bulls “Winning Streak” against the Heat came to an end last night.

Off topic where has Mario Winans been?  Is he still on Bad Boy? It appears every artist on Bad Boy for the last 15 years has to disappear for a period of time before mysteriously showing back up on some weird underground track destine for someone’s wack mixtape.


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