OJ Simpson’s Appeal Denied By Nevada Supreme Court

OJ is the dumbest individual in the history of our planet.

A black man gets off on killing not just a white woman, but also a white man when all the evidence is against him, happens as often as seeing Donald Trump’s real hair.

OJ should have Faded to Turkey, Amsterdam, Iraq or anywhere where he was out of the public eye, but what does he do?

He has several brushes with the law, dates more white women, writes a book saying how he would have killed them and more things I don’t even have time to write about.

His luck finally ran out when he decided Las Vegas of all places would be a good place to bust into someone’s hotel room with goons to collect some of his old merchandise.

I don’t think he was trying to commit a crime, but for being so stupid I think his punishment is justified.   There isn’t a judge in the world that would dare overturn his conviction even though he keeps trying.

O.J. Simpson’s lawyer won’t get a chance to plead for the imprisoned former football star’s freedom before the full seven-member Nevada Supreme Court.

The state’s highest court issued a terse and unanimous order Tuesday declining to do what three of its members already refused to do — hear Simpson’s appeal of his conviction and nine-to-33-year prison sentence in a 2007 armed confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas casino hotel room.

OJ just needs to serve his time and hope they let him out after nine years.  It is more likely he will die in jail and for that he has no one to blame except himself.

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