Pics: Brett Henderson Tased & Arrested For Running Naked in Marathon

The interesting thing is that Henderson doesn’t see a problem with what he did.

He said his shorts kept falling off, so he did what most basketball groupies just took them off, here are the details.

The Cincinnati police don’t take too kindly to naked marathon running, apparently, and when they spotted Henderson (and his flying pig) they asked him to exit the race and get into a police car. He refused and continued running the race, at which point he was tased and arrested.

Afterward, Henderson tried to explain that what he didn’t wasn’t that crazy at all.

“This is something that happens and is tolerated in the running culture, along with runners who sometimes (urinate) or defecate during a race. Shouldn’t that be considered indecent exposure, too, if what I did was indecent? In fact, running naked was encouraged in a marathon I ran in San Francisco, so I don’t know why this was such a big deal.”

When I was in going to school in Ohio all of this crazy stuff wasn’t going on. I don’t know if it is the Lebron affect or the state has just went crazy.  Either way they need to check the water.

By the way Mr. Henderson wasn’t even registered to run in the race.

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