Pics: Timberwolves Wesley Johnson Trying to Holla at Jordin Sparks?

<> the Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XVII at JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort & Spa on March 19, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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First I approve Wesley Johnson’s choice in ladies he is trying to wooooooo.

With that being said if Johnson accidentally ends up with two broken ankles, I can not confirm or deny that I maybe the perpetrator of that crime.

In a world fulled with Twodels, almost basketball wives, psycho women who call themselves a goon on Youtube and women who think releasing bushy sex tapes are the only way to stay relevant, Jordin is a breath of fresh.

She is the Kevin Durant of R&B Singers (no backpack).

Johnson shouldn’t only be worried about me, but Blake Griffin as well. I will say this, if Kia stops playing that Blake Griffin commercial I will personally make sure he marries Jordin.

2 thoughts on “Pics: Timberwolves Wesley Johnson Trying to Holla at Jordin Sparks?

  • Neither one. She’s dating this singer named Steph Jones. They’ve been together for a minute.

  • A great catch Jordin Sparks Blake Griffin a strong name a Oklahoma some guy good one I know I had one…..

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