Pics: Video Model Draya Michele Parties It Up in Vegas with Bernard Berrian

This isn’t really about Draya and Berrian, they looked like they were having a good time, but about the perception of what exactly should be considered a sports groupie.

As my friend Stiletto Jill always says, athletes are groupies too.

They like being seen with reality show girls, big booty video models and R&B singers.  So should we automatically just label the woman as the groupie?

Better yet if someone offered you a free trip to Vegas, access to the hottest spots and free liquor would you turn it down?

Just something to think about while you are in enjoying your Memorial Day BBQ.

13 thoughts on “Pics: Video Model Draya Michele Parties It Up in Vegas with Bernard Berrian

  • i would definately buy draya a 40 and some dorritos if she would let me stick my thang deep in dat azz of hers.

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