Police Suspect Titans RB Chris Johnson is Drug Lord Only to Be Exposed

I wish I could say this doesn’t happen everyday to some young black man in America, but the facts are if you look, walk, talk or act a certain way you are going to get stereotyped.

As my uncle once told me many years ago, as a black man when you walk out of the door you are down 14-0, so just have to have the mentality you are going to have to fight your way of you want to win in our society.

Chris Johnson has two specific tweets about a situation he was in, one I agree with, one I don’t.

Police shouldn’t be walking into anyone’s house without a warrant and probable cause. Probable cause doesn’t mean he has gold teeth, a car sitting on 22s and having a lot of people going in and out of your house.

Probable cause isn’t seeing a kid in dreads or braids driving a nice car, on a date with a with a white girl or walking in nice area.

Before they decided to confront Johnson, they should have did some actual police work and could have avoided the situation.

While I think the police had no business coming up in his home like that, don’t get carried away. It is much easier being young, black and rich than being young, black and poor.

But aware of the blessings you have, you aren’t performing heart surgery, you carry a football for a living.

By the way Peyton Manning is “rich”, Chris Johnson has a lot of money there is a big difference. When he gets a contract extension then he can talk about being rich.

6 thoughts on “Police Suspect Titans RB Chris Johnson is Drug Lord Only to Be Exposed

  • Too bad Mrs. Bell hasn’t realized that by her husband being an athlete, women and temptation will always be around.It’s a fact of life for them. Give them an ultimatum and if that doesn’t work, take his arse to the Bank and get on with your life instead of getting into a mess like this. You cannot make anyone love you.

  • dayum! can you be any more blunt?!!! LOL

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