Reggie Bush Ethers Skip Bayless on Twitter


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Reggie Bush upset some fans and media by saying he was enjoying the lockout.  He says he was joking, doesn’t really matter if he was joking or not, he is free to say what he wants.

Skip Bayless thought otherwise and said that Reggie on the field production means he shouldn’t be talking about being happy that he is out of work.

Bush went to twitter to voice his frustrations about Skip trying to Mendenhall him.

Granted Skip gets off on the attention, but I like Reggie taking up for himself, because Skip says a lot of irrational stuff.  If Bush wants to say he skyping with Sheneka Adams that is his business.  Athletes are people let them live.

7 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Ethers Skip Bayless on Twitter

  • Umm Reggie didn’t just say he was enjoying the lockout, he decided he’d say something as fucking stupid as “slaving in the 100 degree sun” and “risking our bodies for nothing.”. funny how people spend their whole lives to have the chance to “risk their bodies for nothing”. It’s a STUPID stance to take. Matter of fact I bet if their were slave survivors still around, they’d slap the shit outta these players for comparing the two situations. It’s farfetched.

    Freedom of speech means you can say what you want. But rememer my freedom of speech entitles if you say something moronic I have all the right in the world to tell you about it.

    • Doesn’t matter what he said, he has the right to say it.

      • Which is why I started the second paragraph the way I did…

  • You say that athletes are people and we should let them live. Kind of hard to do that when you bombard us with gossip about their personal lives. This site used to be about something and had integrity with good writers; now it’s a sports version of TMZ. The late, great Ralph Wiley would only be able to shake his head at this nonsense.

    But I’m sure you’ll have some remark about how it’s your site, I shouldn’t read it, and whatever. So keep doing you.

    • That is factually incorrect, I only post what is in the news, meaning it is in public. Reggie tweets end with “put that on sportscenter”. The site is exactly the same as it was 3 years ago, you can go through the archive and see that, just more people are reading.

      I am sure Mr. Wiley would be proud of all that I have done, since when I met him before his untimely passing he advise me to always write about “what I wanted to write about”, not what anyone else wanted me to write about.

      And you right, don’t like it, don’t read it, pretty simple.

  • I was reading this today real time tweet.

    First off, Bush did cross the line with the “slaving” comment in so much as people are so SUPER sensitive these days. I thought it was funny and true and also genuine/real. If even my dirt poor ass just took it as another brother in the system venting about “massa”, then heads need to get over themselves and realize, he just people like all of us. Athletes and Musicians are humans like us and not the icons or idols a lot of people make them out to be. Just like big said, “Mo Money, Mo Problems!”

    Second off, Skip Bayless is a middle aged fan that gets paid to hate. I mean really, the dude probably couldn’t run a 40 yard dash in…Aw heck, forget a time, he probably just couldn’t do it period! I tweeted Bush to stop giving the hater shine and therefore making his job easier by even mentioning his name. #realtalk

    Lastly, keep doing the damn thing with this site bruh. Haters mean you doing big things. What is sad that our football news is all about dudes tweets due to this labor dispute. I mean, I’d rather go in about how my Jets are going hard at #Jetswest or that they drafted two big fatty’s for that D-Line and another RB for more depth so we can…


    R$ Blessed

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