Reggie Bush, Peyton Manning Looking For New Gigs During The NFL Lockout?

You are forgiven if you can’t completely keep up with the ever-changing status of the NFL lockout. But while we wait to learn if the players will have a chance to get back to work soon, we can only imagine what life would look like if some of the NFL’s biggest names had to find new jobs.

Fortunately, the good people at UPTOWN Magazine already have us covered. They took a look at nine of the league’s biggest stars and wondered how they’d pick up some extra coin during their downtime.

Reggie Bush (New Orleans Saints)

Host of a new reality show: Donk Hunter. Reggie’s tv show is an instructive guide to interacting with women in possession of the elusive badonkadonk. Reggie – and co-host Ray J – take viewers on a journey deep into the wilds of the LA club scene in search of vapid young things with large posteriors – the Vulpes Whootilius species in particular.

I’m actually surprised that E! or Spike hasn’t already run with that idea.

Other highlights include: Brandon Marshall as an anger management counselor, Darrelle Revis as an overzealous car salesman and Brett Favre as an advocate of *ahem* manscaping.

Click here for the full slideshow.

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