Rex Grossman Throws Donovan McNabb Under the Bus


McNabb refused to talk about the “wristband” controversy.  There were “sources” that McNabb refused to wear a wristband with the plays on it because he felt that it would make him look stupid.

By not outright denying it, he gave the story some legitimacy, and now Rex Grossman has added more fuel to the fire.

“Obviously Donovan didn’t like it.  He didn’t want to do it,” Grossman said.  “I’m not sure that was a major issue.  I’m not sure that was a big problem between him and the coaching staff.”

I really wish the lockout was over so players like McNabb, OchoCinco, Randy Moss and others can move on to new teams.  That is the beauty of the offseason, instead we are force to deal with legal briefs and Moss going to GameStop stories.

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