Roy Jones Jr Knocked Out Cold in 10th Round By Denis Lebedev

Jones looked pretty awful throughout and it appeared his only goal was to survived.  He did throw a few flurries here and there,  and even caught Lebedev flush a fight times, but the Russian was never in any danger.

Jones’ hand speed is still there and he does have some pop on his punches, the problem is his legs are stone and his defense is non existent.

Jones was never very technically sound, so when his physical skills eroded he had nothing to fall back on besides leaning against the ropes and trying to cover up when his legs failed him.

Lebedev for his part seemed to be carrying Jones to the disgust of the Russian crowd, but in the 10th he landed two flush right hands that had Jones out on his feet.

The ref did an awful job and did not jump in allowing Lebedev to delivered one more crushing right hand to Jones’ jaw so vicious that more people in attendance seem to be more concerned about Jones’ life than the KO.

Jones was knocked out cold and doctors rushed in.

Thankfully he was able to get to his feet after several minutes and do a post fight interview where he said he wasn’t sure if he was done with boxing.

The only way Jones will stop fighting is if his entire team just refuses to work with him, they can’t keep sending him out there to get his brains beat in, it is not good for his long term health.

He has had series of scary KO losses and there is real concern in the boxing community if he continues he will suffer some sort of brain damage.

Do the smart thing Roy and just hang em up.

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