Serena Williams Booty Silhouette Twitter Profile Pic

Serena maybe not healthy enough to play in the French Open, but she is definitely healthy enough to keep the Thirsty Brothers searching for Gatorade on Twitter.

Her new profile pic is a silhouette of  the bodacious booty we have all come to know and love.

The question begs who else is in the room?

I can not confirm or deny it was Pete Sampras.  I hope her stalker doesn’t see this in jail, might cause a riot in his cell.

After realizing what an uproar the pic might cause she changed to a more conservative one.


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12 thoughts on “Serena Williams Booty Silhouette Twitter Profile Pic

  • What in the world is the problem here?
    She is an absolutely beautiful woman with a killer body. What red blooded American would not want to look at that. Let those that think there is something wrong with that, Don’t Look!

  • When is Serena going to do a spread for playboy….she might as well

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