Shanahan Asked McNabb To Wear Wristband Because He Couldn’t Remeber Plays?

When you are dealing with unnamed sources and the Redskins you can be pretty sure those sources or leaks are coming from within the Redskins organization.

A lot of times, it is Daniel Snyder leaking this information.

In the continued smear campaign against Donovan McNabb this nugget has come out about McNabb’s so called inability to remember plays.

According to the Sports Junkies, citing multiple unnamed sources, coach Mike Shanahan asked McNabb to wear a wristband after he struggled to remember plays.  McNabb declined, explaining that it would make him look stupid.

Per the report, owner Daniel Snyder became furious with Shanahan when he learned after the season that McNabb wouldn’t wear a wristband.

I just find it hard to believe McNabb who is a veteran quarterback would have so many problems with the Redskins offense.  With that being said I don’t think anyone would have thought he was stupid for wearing a wristband if the story is true.

Lot of quarterbacks wear wristbands and I don’t think anyone has ever thought they were dummies.  As long as you are running the offense efficiently that is all that matters.

Whenever the lockout is over, McNabb will probably end up with the Vikings.  We will see if he wears a wristband with them.

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