Silvia López Castro Pau Gasol Ex-Girlfriend The Cause of His Poor Play?


I have been resisting this story for a couple of weeks even though I get at least one email and several tweets daily.  I am going to put it out there, but I am telling you this is just hearsay and rumors.

Could it be true?

Possibly, but if it is, the soft label that I have defended Gasol of having, I might have to rethink.

The story is not an unusual one for a man to have.  Short version is that Gasol’s girlfriend broke up with him, he is down in the dumps and it is effecting his play.

Furthermore it is alleged one of the reasons she dumped him was because she became friends with one of his teammates’ wives and she advised her to kick Pau to the curb.  As you can imagine that would put a strain on the teammate and Gasol’s relationship which in turn could spill over on the court.

That teammate is allegedly Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa Bryant being the instigator of the entire drama.

One of the reasons I don’t believe this is because Gasol has played lackluster all year, you can’t blame that on his lady.  Also athletes and men all over the world have problems with their ladies on a daily basis and rarely does it affect them in activities they like to do.

If anything they do those activities better and more often because it takes their mind off what is going on.  We all have had our heartbroken, but you have to man up and do your job.

But now everyone can stop tweeting, emailing and sending me Facebook messages about this.


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