Skip Bayless to Chris Broussard: “You Sold Your Soul To Get Close to Lebron”


For a second lets try to ignore that it was Skip who made the statement, since we know he isn’t unbiased.  Is what he said true?

Not necessarily about Broussard but reporters in general?

Every journalist wants access, but what are they willing to give up to get it.  Are they willing to sell their journalistic soul as Skip says?  I think some do, Peter King always takes it easier on players he is friends with.

It is natural if you like someone, when something bad happens to them you try to rationalize it.  I have been accused of that in regards to Chad OchoCinco, difference being Chad hasn’t done anything criminal and I have been critical of him in the past.

Furthermore even if what Skip says is true, still a bit of a low blow considering that ESPN has a “HEAT INDEX” and were responsible for “THE DECISION”, the entire company is in bed with Lebron.

If you are a young journalist who is up and coming just remember your job is to write the story, not angling to be in the Entourage.



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