The OchoCinco Bunch..Evelyn Lozada and Chad Close to Inking VH1 Show

It only makes sense. Evelyn is the most popular cast member of the Basketball Wives and OchoCinco has turned self promotion into an art form, it was only a matter time since they are engaged allegedly that they would get their own reality show.

What is interesting is the concept that is being thrown around. Here are the details.

According to sources Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco are getting closer to inking a reality show of their own. The series would be based on the couple cohabiting with all of their children, his, hers and theirs — and the drama that ensues.

Chad has four kids — with three women — and Evelyn has one daughter. Surprisingly, sources say there’s little drama between Big Poppa O and his ladies… as long as the checks keep coming. The show would focus on the trials of blended families, such as spending time with all of the children, a highly relatable topic due to the increased number of step families.

What do you think? Would you watch?

There are more blended families than traditional ones, how do you feel about that being played out on television. If you were the mother of one of Ocho’s kids or the father of Evelyn’s daughter would you be cool with it?

Something to think about.


According to sources close to Chad and Evelyn while a show is in development, it won’t be Brady Bunch style.

2 thoughts on “The OchoCinco Bunch..Evelyn Lozada and Chad Close to Inking VH1 Show

  • OMG Evelyn, we can’t beleive that Jen said those things about you on the radio like that. That was a big old stab in the back by a supposedly good friend. Jen if you had felt that way about her realtionship you should have told her. All you had to say was friend, I know you’re about to get married but deep down i’m not sure about this guy I just don’t want you to get hurt again. See how simple that is, especially, if you truly love your friend of ten (10) years. We are now wondering if you were and still is just faking with all of them and probably is just a cookies and cream kinda girl on the down low.

    Damn, this is one bridesmaid dress that looks like Suzie needs to be wearing. Damn, Evelyn it’s looking like Tami is the most genuine of them all, she is just like you Evelyn in some ways, what you see is what you fucking get take it or leave it, she is the same way all day, everyday 24/7 there’s nothing fake or carbon copied about her. Wow Evelyn, we feel this one for you because we see you are like us i.e. you love your friends like they are blood so when it hurts it hurts real bad. Maybe it’s best to learn who they all are now so you an learn how to wear them, give this statement some thought Ev.

    Evelyn we really wanted to see a big scrumptous wedding, we know it would be nice because both you and Chad we see have very good taste. But afterall this with Jennifer talking shit about you on the radio, maybe you should just just elope to and Island. That’s right Ev, just you and a few of your immediate family fly over have a short private ceremony, your daughter can be your maid of honour and maybe, maybe just one friend be a brides maid and shabang, bam, bam that’s it wedding is done. Now let’s buy a house babe, smile Ev smile, we are smiling now.

    Evelyn, the more they talk let’s blow this shit up, let’s knock the haters stiff dead. Bring on the books/novels make sure they’re juicy. Yes Ev we’ll be right here cheering you on, Oh another thought Evelyn let’s open another Dulce in California or New York City. Le’t leave them with their lips hanging to the floor. We must give props to Chad to Evelyn he has been treating you really good and we beleive you guy’s will be just fine as a couple!!

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