Trina & Kenyon Martin Back Together? Remember the Leaked Nude Pics


These two have an interesting relationship. Kenyon Martin to my understanding was engaged or with some other girl before hooking up with Trina.

Relationship got all hot and heavy to the point that Martin got her lips tattooed on his neck (funny story about how he confronted me about how I wrote about how that tat was ridiculous while I was in LA, I will have to tell one day).

Then rumors started to spread that Trina gave Martin Herpes and she was crazy. At the same time a couple of nude pics of the “Baddest Chick” surfaced (NSFW if you want to view).

Trina Nude Pic #1

Trina Nude Pic #2

Martin tried to get the “Lips Tat Removed”, but failed miserably.

Yesterday we showed you some pics of Trina playing “Baseball” on the set of her new video and it appears Martin was trying to “Hit it Right” in the trailer.

Trina always said if you hit once you will always come back, maybe she was right.  As long as she could provide medical proof she doesn’t have Herpes, I would break lamps with her.


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