Video: Bernard Hopkins vs Jean Pascal II HBO FACE OFF

Bernard Hopkins is amazing to me. 46 years old and still fighting like he is 26 years old. Even though he suffered two flash knockdowns to Jean Pascal he looked like the stronger and fresher boxer in the later rounds as he beat down Pascal.

A rematch is upcoming and HBO had Hopkins and Pascal “Face Off” with Max Kellerman. As you can imagine Bernard Hopkins schools Pascal on the art of trash talking.

Deadspin has a snippet.

Once I kick his ass in Montreal, he’s going to move. He’s going to move back to somewhere where he came from. I think it’s Haiti. They need him back there. …

You’re saying that I should have kept my mouth shut about injustice? Then you’re a coward and a fool! …

You bitched. You ran. You didn’t fight. I forced the fight. And from the fifth round to the twelfth round, I was in your ass and you was ready to quit and you was blowing and puffing and went to your corner like a ragdoll, done, defeated, and knew that you lost that fight. That’s how gangster I am. …

I’m going to make him want to knock himself out by not even coming and getting tortured. I’m going to have him drowning, trying not to die. And so he’s going to be on that short list of the young deers that I gotta go ahead and spank because he got a little fresh. And when you get a little fresh, I got to check you.

That is quality Grade A trash talking from Hopkins.

We will see if he is able to back it up.