Video: Charles Barkley Gives Heat Fans, Middle Finger for “Barkley Sucks” Chants


They say Miami Heat fans are fair weather, late arriving and bandwagon fans, but last night they were on their game (when they finally showed up).

First they got to Joakim Noah ( Joakim Noah Apologizes to Fan For Saying: “F*ck You F*ggot” )

Then they almost had Charles Barkley ready to go Artest on them. ( Charles Barkley Threatens Heat Fans After Being Hit With Towels ).

Now this video has been unearth showing Heat fans getting on Chuck even before the TNT post game show to the point Barkley gives them the middle finger salute.

If all that was being said was “Barkley Sucks”, Chuck should have had a little more self control, now when they started to throw things at him that is a different story.

Who knew the Heat fans could be so “Bout it Bout it”.


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