Video: Hoopz Talks About Changing Shaq’s Fashion Sense & Upgrading Him


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I remember Hoopz when she went by My Darling Nikki back in the early 2000s. This was before Flavor of Love when she was one of the first true “web models” to pop up.

A decade a later she wins Flavor of Love, falls off the map, wins another reality show, fell off the map again and then reappeared as Shaq’s arm candy.

Now she has news media calling her “Nicole” and talking about the several businesses she is now starting up (fashion line & fitness site). In this video she talks about how Shaq is “Sexy”, but was a horrible dresser.

According to her she is “upgrading” him.

I always like Hoopz even though some of the stories I could tell you about her would blow your mind, but I digress.

Can’t knock the hustle.

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