Video: Lebron James With the Greatest Flop of All-Time


Lebron James should be fined more than Noah and Kobe for this Oscar winning performance.

Are the refs blind?  Do they even pay any attention to what is going on?  I just talked to James Harden and he said he is disgusted by such a display.

I give Lebron credit he has acting chops, no word if wears a T-Shirt under his jersey saying:

“Drake Taught Me”

Because that was a Drizzy wheelchair, Degrassi worthy performance.   Of course Lebron couldn’t just fooled the refs and leave it at that, he had to make sure the world knew that he was the Al Pacino of Floppers, but adding a little wink at the end as if we couldn’t tell that he didn’t even get touch.

I see homie, I see you.


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