Video: Luol Deng Pushes Lebron’s Hairline Back Even Further with Monster Dunk


I honestly thought Lebron was going to block the dunk.

That is his specialty and I also didn’t think Deng would challenge Lebron, but I give him credit.  He wanted the cornbread, so he took the cornbread.

Of course you know what everyone in the crowd was saying after the dunk?


Even though Deng is not Jamaican I like to call him “Cool Runnings”, he just reminds me of the guys in the movie.

H/T @Jose3030


  1. im a former nba player..i like your site..jus wana no are u really a lebron hatr like that..makes no sense..not even a lebron fan like that..

    • It is just a joke, don’t take everything so seriously, I joked about everyone I call Deng cool runnings, make fun of Derrick Rose interviews and poor Bosh we always make fun of him.

      But it isn’t personal and if you look more in depth than the jokes we always give credit where credit is do

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